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 Outdoor Laser Light Projectors will transform your home into a winter wonderland with laser lights. If you want to create a magical effect on your house, garden or lawn take a look at our selection of outdoor light projectors that have thousands of green and red laser lights.

 Light up your home, yard and backyard with outdoor laser light projector. The laser light projector will give an amazing fun experience for you and your kids. Perfect for all outdoor events and parties, especially during the night and dark nights like Christmas, New Year's Eve or any other party or event in your home and backyard.

Model: 108-led-mixed-flashing-strobe-stage-light
Product Description:This strobe light with remote control is ideal for DJ, Disco Club, Karaoke, Stage Show, KTV, Pub, Bar and Wedding Party Decoration. It produces a very bright flashing light effect and an excellent performance for dramatic atmosphere.This product is made for a simpl..
Ex Tax:$70.00
Model: 12-pattern-led-binocular-laser-projector-light
Product Description:The 12 Pattern LED Binocular Laser Projector Light is a favorite of children and adults. A fun way to read in bed, camp at night or get the kids to sleep. Choose from 12 different patterns and colors, or use the steady on mode. This high-quality unit will project c..
Ex Tax:$139.00
Model: 288-pattern-animation-laser-projector-stage-light
Product Description:This DJ Disco Light 288 Pattern Animation Laser Projector Stage Light Effect Sound Activate Party Light is a good helper for your party, recording or show, you can use it to create the atmosphere that you want. During the event, the laser light can project thousand..
Ex Tax:$355.00
Model: led-red-and-green-gypsophila-remote-control-laser-light
Product Description:This laser light projector is the ideal source of entertainment for your kid's partys and events.It projects thousands of red and green dots onto your wall or ceiling,forming words, patterns or images. You can adjust the size and speed of the dot beamsto make all sorts of fun sha..
Ex Tax:$89.00
Model: outdoor-waterproof-christmas-two-in-one
Product Description:Outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one Waterproof Laser Light Projector, which can be used as a Laser Light Show in the day time and as aMeteor Shower Night Light at night for your garden or backyard.Perfect for home and garden decoration, it is a wonderful light proje..
Ex Tax:$109.00
Model: professional-4-in-1-pattern-led-spotlight
Product Description:4 in 1 pattern spotlight, high brightness LED, waterproof design.With the sound control system, can be used as laser light or LED projector music focus spot. Can project performances of laser or LED display at parties to create a harmonious atmosphere.Laser light projec..
Ex Tax:$89.00
Model: professional-4d-mixer-stage-laser-light-projector
Product Description:4D Mixer professional Stage Lights Strobe Controller RGB Laser Projector DJ Sound Colorful Disco Beam Lamp for Club Parties Bar, is a multi-purpose light with color changing effects and the ability to automatically follow your desired music tempo. It's suitable for..
Ex Tax:$289.00
Model: usb-car-starlight-laser-projector
Product Description:Drive your car under the starlight with the USB Car Starlight laser projector. It projects thousands of stars onto your windshield and turns your car into a spectacular planetarium!Do you love stars and the night sky? This super fun USB car starlight laser projector is ..
Ex Tax:$60.00
Model: waterproof-christmas-led-meteor-shower-lights
Product Description:Waterproof Christmas Meteor Shower Lights. Interior / exterior lights create a spectacular meteor shower effect and make your house look like it's falling stars. The meteor shower is one of the most interesting features of winter, and now you can perform this magic righ..
Ex Tax:$12.00
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