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 Our laser light projectors are perfect for any type of party or holiday event. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit your taste. This is a great gift idea for anyone looking to add some excitement to their next party. All our laser lights are easy to use and operate on batteries .

 Party lights for home and for the office, excellent for Christmas and holiday decoration. The color is bright, pure and beautiful. The pattern is vivid, full of life. You can choose whatever you like to create a wonderful atmosphere. They are great for dance parties, outdoor BBQs, romantic dinners or just to be aired around your house. The blue laser light creates an amazing visual effect as it dances through the air or bounces off walls or ceilings

Model: animation-wireless-remote-control-stage-laser-light-projector
Product Description:This aircraft-type dynamic laser light uses the latest generation of semiconductor, which is compact and has a long service life. It is specially designed for professional use in showrooms and large public places such as bars, KTV rooms, stadiums and convention cen..
Ex Tax:$250.00
Model: double-mirror-led-mixed-flashing-laser-projector-for-stage
Product Description:Double Mirror Laser Projector is a great choice for your home, club and party. The red and blue laser light beams will turn your home into a dance floor. You can enjoy music and laser light at the same time with this mirror laser projector! Double Mirror Laser Pro..
Ex Tax:$135.00
Model: outdoor-waterproof-christmas-two-in-one
Product Description:Outdoor waterproof Christmas two-in-one Waterproof Laser Light Projector, which can be used as a Laser Light Show in the day time and as aMeteor Shower Night Light at night for your garden or backyard.Perfect for home and garden decoration, it is a wonderful light proje..
Ex Tax:$109.00
Model: professional-4d-mixer-stage-laser-light-projector
Product Description:4D Mixer professional Stage Lights Strobe Controller RGB Laser Projector DJ Sound Colorful Disco Beam Lamp for Club Parties Bar, is a multi-purpose light with color changing effects and the ability to automatically follow your desired music tempo. It's suitable for..
Ex Tax:$289.00
Model: professional-8-eyes-stage-projector-rgb-light
Product Description:The 8 Eyes Stage Projector Light RGB Lamp DJ Disco DMX Fiesta Professional Laser Effect KTV Bar Party Wedding Birthday Festival is an ideal option to create a romantic atmosphere on your occasions. It features many laser pattern modes and 3 color options. You can a..
Ex Tax:$189.00
Model: professional-led-strobe-light-laser-projector-for-nightclub
Product Description:Enjoy a fun and colorful light show with this LED strobe light laser projector. This handy device can be used as a dance floor light at nightclubs, weddings, and parties, or on any stage to add drama and excitement to an act. It contains many lasers that produce amazing..
Ex Tax:$150.00
Model: rechargeable-240-pattern-and-purple-lamp-ball-laser-projector
Project Description:Newest DJ Stage Party Disco Strobe Laser KTV UV Purple UV Ultra Violet Lamp is your best choice for home, party and car decoration. 240 pattern lights, which can be change by remote control or button in the lamp. With a button, you can change different patterns. It..
Ex Tax:$90.00
Model: remote-control-dmx-sound-10w-power
Product Description:The Leisure Remote Control Animation Lamp is an excellent choice when looking for a laser light projector. This Leisure laser light comes with a 10W power dynamic laser in an outdoor-type waterproof case. This is quite a large laser projector and it has many features to..
Ex Tax:$199.00
Model: rgb-shine-laser-projector-disco-lights-for-party
Product Description:Suitable for home and club party, the led laser light offers a fantastic stage lighting effect for decoration. Just plug in the power adapter to project beautiful light onto walls, ceilings or dance floors. It can be used as handheld lighting effect in disco, bar and ot..
Ex Tax:$109.00
Model: singing-and-talking-jack-o-lantern-for-halloween
Product Description:Hooray for Halloween! Sing along with this Halloween-themed singing and talking Jack-o-Lantern. It's the perfect addition to your Halloween party décor, setting the spooky mood before handing out candy.A great way to celebrate Halloween, the Singing and Talking Jack-O-Lante..
Ex Tax:$119.00
Model: usb-music-voice-control-laser-projector-for-home-wedding-or-bar
Product Description:The new generation of laser light projectors, 2022 New RGB Mini Laser Light Party Light DJ Disco Laser Projector is a stylish and novelty home light that can be used in party, disco, bar and other places. It can bring you different colorful lights experience by differen..
Ex Tax:$130.00
Model: usb-rechargeable-led-green-strobe-led-laser-projector
Product Description:Ideal for laser light shows, this mini stage lighting is an ideal addition to your DJ booth or studio. It's a perfect tool to create amazing visual effects and wow your audiences. This mini laser projector creates multiple patterns that are visible from far distances. A..
Ex Tax:$89.00
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